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Massage Services for your Hotel, Home, or Business

Relax and unwind like never before. Massage On Call provides mobile massage services in southern Illinois. Specialized therapy for injury and pregnancy.

Massage Options

Our services include:
Sports Therapy - A pressure intensive session that immediately gets to the core of your discomfort and inflammation.

Ashiatsu Massage - Massage therapist performs massage using feet to release tension from muscles and increase circulation. Therapist at no time is using their weight on the client, massage may be preformed on massage table or on the floor.

Ayurveda Massage -
Fill out a DOSHA questionnaire to enable us to tailor our choices of oils and aromatherapy to bring the mind and body back into balance.

Indian Head Massage
- From Ancient India, Indian head massage relaxes the mind and body with soothing massage, using herbal oils to the scalp, face, ears, neck, upper shoulders, chest, arms and hands. This massage helps promote the feeling of well being.

Neck Massage

Prenatal Massage

Relaxation Massage - Also known as a nurturing massage or Swedish massage; it involves non-aggressive kneading to increase circulation and relax muscles and nerves.

Orthopedic Massage -
Incorporates stretching, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue work and is ideally suited for sporting injuries and fibromyalgia.

Myofacial release - Releases the facia that surrounds muscles. Releasing tight facia helps muscles move with ease. reduces restriction.

Pre Natal Massage - Expectant moms relax with a soothing Pre- Natal Massage. Excellent for Mom and Baby. Physicians Approval needed.

Reflexology - Relex points in the hands and the feet mirror the systems of the body by applying pressure to these points release the toxins and refresh the body.

Additional Therapies

Bio-Magnetic Cupping -  Western approach by using cups with suction and magnets to release toxins and stagnate blood, and congestion in the muscle tissue.

Ionic Foot Bath - Ionizes water to help release toxins from the lower extremities of the body. Try directly after a massage.

Reiki - Japanese technique using hand placements to assist with relaxation and promote the bodies natural healing mechanism. 

Relaxing Massage

Massage Parties

Ideal for girl’s nights out or employee appreciation, special occasions. Choose from table or chair massage. Sessions are a minimum of two hours and a deposit is required.

Ladies Relaxing Massage Party - We bring the Massage to YOU.

Ladies Relaxing Massage Party Ladies Relaxing Massage Party

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